Welcome to Technology Dynamics!

Hi and welcome to my blog, Technology Dynamics!

Technology is of no use, unless it is used to solve a real world problem, improving quality of life. Some create technology to solve a problem, while some use technology to solve a problem. The topic ‘Real Life Tech’ focus on these, with emphasis on two specific technology application areas that are my favourites – Bioinformatics and Environment.

Great products are a result of great design that generate emotionally engaging experiences that changes the way we see, perceive, touch, feel and use them. This topic focus on the everyday impact that beautiful design has on our everyday lives.

Enterprises, running successful businesses, directly or indirectly impact the society and it is very important for these enterprises to use technology the right way. Being a software practitioner myself, the topic of Enterprise Architecture (EA), that bring people, business and technology to work together in an enterprise is of much interest. Some of those EA principles are the area of focus in this topic.

The focus of the topic ‘Science’ is to expose Science as a fascinating and powerful way of knowing about us, the world and the universe. Areas covered include metaphysics, cognitive science, the cosmos, philosophy and how the constant evolution of our understanding of them improves the world we live in.

Go ahead and explore to know how technology can transform the world for the better!