EA Series – Episode 12: Understanding SOBA

“A Model-Driven Engineering methodology has to organize its transformation process in such a way that the resulting artifacts conform to a chosen architecture. While the transformation from models to working artifacts is fully automated it is guaranteed that every resulting artifact conforms to the defined architecture. So, an important aspect for defining an MDE methodology is the definition of that architecture. In this article I research the architecture requirements for an MDE methodology for Service-Oriented Business Applications (SOBA’s). “

A great article that I came across, on, “Architectural requirements for Service Oriented Business Applications.”! This is a clear, consistent and well explained article on SOA. Highly recommended.

Read the entire article here: http://www.theenterprisearchitect.eu/archive/2008/05/19/architecture-requirements-for-service-oriented-business-applications

 What are your thoughts on SOA?


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