EA Series – Episode 14: Using Web 2.0 to reinvent your business for the economic downturn

A fine article that I came across that talks about how business can leverage Web 2.0 during these challenging times. The author gives a wider perspective on strategic application of Web 2.0 in the business for growth and resilience. The author lists down areas, which the business can look into, some of which I have just listed below:

1. Move to lower-cost online/SaaS versions of enterprise applications.
2. Strategically move IT infrastructure to the cloud.
3. Embrace new low-cost models for production such as crowdsourcing.
4. Lower customer service costs by pro-active use of online customer communities.
5. Reduce application development and integration time/expenditures with new platforms and techniques.
6. Open your supply chain to partners on the Web.
7. Overhauling and reinventing paper and digital workflow.

The author also goes ahead and talks about areas like Enterprise 2.0, Crowdsourcing etc, which I would refrain myself talking about here as they are vast topics in themselves and would recommend the reader to find out more. Do read the full article here: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Hinchcliffe/?p=223

I do agree with the article, and although the simplicity offered by Web 2.0 is the reason for its rapid adoption, I am not sure in an enterprise you can simply put up a Wiki and Blog software and get useful learning and collaboration. There is much more to it and I guess we need to start re-looking at the whole big picture! “Thoughts 2.0″!

What do you think is the direction the IT winds are blowing? How do you think we can best make use of 2.0 models? Give your thoughts 2.0!!


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