EA Series – Episode 15: Enterprise Architecture Toolkit

Recently, Microsoft introduced a toolkit called the ‘Enterprise Architecture Toolkit’ (EATK), in order to help companies structure their enterprise architecture. As per MSDN, capabilities will include: Repository – Meta-data repository for uniting enterprise processes, storing existing architecture assets and a catalog for patterns (Software Factories in Microsoft terms or Architecture Building Blocks (ABB) in TOGAF ADM terms) Architecture Management – Portal and Workflow assets that aid in the processes and govern architecture creation through the SDLC or through post production service management processes.

Strategy Management – Portal and Workflow that aid in the creation of as-is or current state architecture, to-be or future state architectures and the management of technology life cycles of architectures.
Community – Portal technologies that aid in the communication and collaboration, vetting of ideals through-out the enterprise, communication of Principles, Policies, Standards and Design Patterns, Add-Ins and Templates for architecture development.
Modeling – Usage scenarios for how to leverage Microsoft Visio to correlate architecture information from the Architecture Meta-Data Repository to Visio diagrams and shapes.

The EATK has been implemented as a series of scenarios as it is a solution accelerator and will be a set of tools to aid architects with their architecture efforts in a practical manner. It provides a set of base tools, in existing products, that they will be already familiar with and may have used for the same purpose, such as Microsoft Word and Visio, by extending common interfaces. Thy initial form is in Alpha and they will only be offering it to a select number of users.


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