EA Series – Episode 19: The Five Pillars of Cloud Computing

With the growing popularity of Cloud Computing, it is important to make sure that everyone has a common understanding of the subject. A new article by Dave Malcolm “The Five Pillars of Cloud Computing” is trying to do this by examining 5 core principles of Cloud Computing.

Let me just brief them out here:

Pillar 1: Dynamic Computing Infrastructure – The foundation of cloud computing. Ideally should be based on standardized, scalable and secure infrastructure.

Pillar 2: IT Service-Centric Approach – Providing support for running some business/IT services or applications for a specific, timely purpose.

Pillar 3: Self-Service Based Usage Model – Providing users the ability to build, deploy, schedule, manage, and report on their business services on demand.

Pillar 4: Minimally or Self-Managed Platform – Enabled through software automation, leveraging a provisioning engine for deploying services, mechanisms for scheduling and  configuration, management, and reporting support.

Pillar 5: Consumption-Based Billing – Ensuring that consumers pay only for resources they use – are charged or billed on an pay per usage model.

All these five pillars are necessary in delivering an enterprise cloud computing service that will be capable of achieving the buisness value which will typically include savings on infrastructure, capital investment, operation costs, support costs there by increasing the profit margin of the business enabling them to stay competitive.

Read the full article here: http://soa.sys-con.com/node/904780

Although Pillar 1 talks about secure infrastructure, I feel, security and trust is one of the key elements of a delivering a successful cloud computing service and it should be a pillar by itself. Security concerns are a key reason for the delay in enterprise adoption of cloud computing model, the acceptance that the precious information assets that have been guarded and protected all these years inside the corporate firewall has to be trusted to someone else.

What do you think? Would you like to add another pillar?


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