EA Series – Episode 23: Architecture Frameworks Don’t Make Architects

“Do Federal EA Frameworks matter? And how do they stack up against non-Federal EA Frameworks? Do Frameworks matter?” Talk about synergies! Obviously, the value of EA frameworks is being questioned by many individuals.”

To again quote the author directly:

“I see there are work tracks that focus on ‘Enterprise Architecture Professional Learning Framework, value to the practitioner’. I think it would be interesting to consider here a move away from a focus on frameworks and a move toward apprenticeship. My personal experience is that frameworks don’t help individuals become architects; it just provides tools for organization of artifacts. Yet, I believe the industry believes that these frameworks (DoDAF, TOGAF, FEAF, PEAF, Zachman) help non-architects do an architect’s job.”

A nice article that questions and debates the need and use of EA frameworks and how important it is for an organization to focus on creation and grooming of Architects by forming apprenticeship programs!

“We need to focus on the creation of architects. I believe the IT industry has been remiss in this effort. Sure, they pay for a few conferences, but architecture is something that is culled over time and based on seeing mass of systems being designed and built. I believe instead of certifications, we should focus on apprenticeships. The resume of an architect should read,

“Studied under XYZ from 2004-2006. XYZ has been responsible for … at … While studying under XYZ I was subject to delivery of the following types of systems.”

In his concluding statements, he advices organizations to focus on quality by selecting those individuals capable of being architects and supporting them through the, creation and execution of apprenticeship programs.

Read the entire article as posted here: http://www.jpmorgenthal.com/morgenthal/?p=33

How relevant you think is this perspective in our organization about creating and grooming architects?


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