EA Series – Episode 30: Architect Leadership

This interesting article talks about the perceived value of an architect’s leadership, the role an architect should play in a software project and how the architect should be the sole responsible for delivering the business value to the client, inspite of the architect’s “visitor” status.

Some quotes from the article:

“Architects on software teams often have sizeable responsibilities for the project’s success but little direct authority over the developers working on the project. In many cases, particularly in the consulting world, architects are resources shared across several projects. Often they’re not responsible for the daily successful execution of the project – that falls to developer leads and project managers. Instead, an architect is usually brought in during the project’s initial proposal and design phase, kept on as the project spins up, and transitions into the role of an infrequent visitor as the project moves to completion.

 Despite this perceived “visitor” status architects must provide subtle, but strong leadership in a number of ways. Architects must be the primary leader on enforcing deliverable business value to the client. Architects must also lead by ensuring clients have reasonable expectations on the project’s scope and feature set. Finally, architects can provide critical, trend-setting leadership for the entire team by ensuring the project starts out with a strong commitment to respect, plus open, honest communication throughout the team.”

As an architect, what do you think drives the leadership qualities in you?

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