FORMULA is a framework for the formal modeling of software systems with functional and non-functional requirements. Formal methods are used to engineer correct systems and to evaluate the impact of design choices before implementation. Specifications are written in the FORMULA language, based on statically typed logic programs that are modular and composable. With FORMULA, you specify the class of meaningful software architectures for your system under development. Then, FORMULA automatically can generate architectures from this class. This type of model synthesis can help you make the right design decision at the right time or explore the software architectures that might solve your design problem. In more detail, from a partial model of the system under development, our tools construct a range of detailed prototypes, such that every prototype satisfies the requirements. Our main application area of FORMULA is to prototype novel language-level approaches for formal modeling and to expose state-of-the-art formal methods for automated reasoning about models of software systems.”


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