EA Series – Episode 34: Non-Technical Factors that Lead to Poor Architectures

“It is easy for us architects to think that we control the architecture design in it’s entirety. But the sad truth is that there are too many dependencies for it to be just in our control. Architecture is more than just the technical side of things. A large part of it hinders on the business problem we are trying to solve and how palatable the solution is to the end users and the IT staff. This also includes working through processes to derive to the right decisions.”

Here the author addresses various non-technical factors and dependencies that affect the overall architecture and hence the solution created. Challenges according to him include lack of business case, poor project management, disconnected activites, ad-hoc decision making etc.

Architecture is more to do with people, processes, procedures and governance than technology itself and would agree with the article that, architects should be responsible for ensuring that these enterprise processes are followed and conformed to, leading to the creation of an high quality solution.

Read the entire article here:




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