Scalable, Consistent, and Elastic Database Systems for Cloud Platforms

Cloud computing has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry and as a successful paradigm for web application deployment. Economies-of-scale, elasticity, and pay-per-use pricing have been the biggest promises of cloud. Database management systems (DBMSs) serving these web applications form a critical component of the cloud software stack. These DBMSs must be able to scale-out to clusters of commodity servers to serve thousands of applications and their huge amounts of data. Moreover, to minimize the operating costs such DBMSs must also be elastic, i.e. posses the ability to increase and decrease the cluster size in a live system. This is in addition to serving a variety of applications (i.e. support multitenancy) while being self-managing, fault-tolerant, and highly available.

This is an excerpt from a Microsoft Research webcast. Watch the complete presentation video here:


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